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CiTi – Center for integrative Traffic investigation

The objective of CiTi is to establish methods and infrastructure at RWTH Aachen University which allow to reliably assess the effectiveness of innovative technologies in the field of connected mobility. Thereby it forms the basis for searching solutions to complex, multi-faceted scientific problems.

In order to reliably assess the effectiveness of innovative technologies in the field of connected mobility three important elements are developed and established:

  • A traffic data server which collects various traffic data and offers abstracted data,
  • A multi-scale traffic simulation tool,
  • Methods and algorithms for a spatial and temporal extrapolation of the simulation results.

One key element of any suitable simulation and extrapolation approach is a large database to derive correlations as well as to implement and validate simulation models. Within CiTi this database is created by the development of a traffic data server. The server is connected to existing wireless sensor networks of public and private cooperation partners and provides the information in a structured and enriched (e.g. with additional information from HD maps) form.

To assess, optimize and validate the impact of new technologies in relation to their penetration rates on traffic today and in the future a multi-scale traffic simulation tool based on the CiTi traffic data server is developed within CiTi. Therefore a microscopic traffic simulation tool, an traffic analyses, a traffic forecast tool and models to enrich the available data and tools to automatically generate and adapt simulation models are combined in one modular multi-scale traffic simulation tool.

To transfer the results to regions and times for that not enough validated data and simulation models are available, suitable extrapolation methods and algorithms are developed and implemented with CiTi. This includes the analyses of the environmental changes in the past to derive hypothesis about changes in the future. To simulate the impact of new systems in these changed environments the extrapolation methods are connected with the multi-scale traffic simulation tool.


Dipl.-Ing. Jens Kotte
+49 241 8025630
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Project duration

09/2015 – 08/2018

Project partner

ika, irt, ISB, I11, Lehrstuhl für Operations Management RWTH Aachen

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RWTH Strategy Fund