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CERMcity – Center for European Research on Mobility Urban Validation Environment

The objective of CERMcity is to create an open urban validation environment, in which especially SME can validate their developments in the field of connected driving.

In creating sustainable mobility, connectivity of all participants plays an important role. Especially in urban environments a complex interaction between various systems is essential to create safe automated driving experiences.
Especially small and medium sized companies often don’t have the necessary access to validation platforms in order to bring their developments to market.
Therefore CERMcity aims at creating such an environment by building on the already existent Center for European Research on Mobility (CERM) in Aldenhoven and adding an urban environment. The so created validation system then contains not only a physical basis but also all necessary technology to test and validate technical systems including open vehicle platforms in which the systems in question can be integrated. Thus, an objective and open testing and validation platform is accessable not only for global players but especially for small and medium sized companies and research projects.


04/2017 Traffic signals available at CERM intersection
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11/2016 CERMcity Workshop
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09/2016 Official Kick-Off CERMcity
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Dipl.-Ing. Micha Lesemann
+49 241 8027535
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Project duration

10/2016 – 09/2019

Project partner

ika, IRT, IHF, TÜV Rheinland AG, DFKI GmbH, ATS Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH, FH Aachen

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