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Research Vehicles: IRT Buggies

Compact Range Antenna Measurement Chamber

The state-of-the-art measurement chamber enables the performance investigation of compact range antennas and antenna systems.

Highly Dynamic Driving Simulator

Our highly dynamic driving simulator enables us to test future technologies and their acceptance already before they are physically built.

Near Field Antenna Measurement Chamber

The state-of-the-art measurement chamber enables the performance investigation of near field antennas and antenna systems.

Passat CC

The Passat CC is a higly complex research vehicle in which innovative functionalities can easily be integrated and tested.

Aldenhoven Testing Center

Aldenhoven Testing Center is one of only few open testing centers and includes V-to-X and V-to-V communication infrastructure.


Automotive Gate


Research Aerial Vehicles: Multicopters

Plattforms for Sensor Systems

Plattforms for Sensor Systems


CERM – Center for European Research on Mobility

The Center for European Research on Mobility (CERM) aims to establish a holistic tool chain for the development and validation of connected mobility systems in field tests and simulations at RWTH Aachen University.

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CERMcity – Center for European Research on Mobility Urban Validation Environment

The objective of CERMcity is to create an open urban validation environment, in which especially SME can validate their developments in the field of connected driving.

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CiTi – Center for integrative Traffic investigation

The objective of CiTi is to establish methods and infrastructure at RWTH Aachen University which allow to reliably assess the effectiveness of innovative technologies in the field of connected mobility. Thereby it forms the basis for searching solutions to complex, multi-faceted scientific problems.

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Galileo Online: GO!

The project aims at the development of a reliable and high-precise Galileo navigation receiver for railway applications. Application-specific problems, e. g. signal shadowing in railway specific receiving conditions, are analyzed, possible solutions are developed and implemented.

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Intelligence for efficiently electrified and automated driving through sensor networking

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Kooperative Mobilität im digitalen Testfeld Düsseldorf

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The EU project SAFER-LC aims to improve safety and minimize risk on level crossings by developing a fully integrated cross-modal set of innovative solutions and tools for the proactive management and design of level-crossing infrastructure.

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Current radio systems are optimized with regard to capacity and range. However, certain applications of wireless systems require fast and reliable communication over short distances. The challenge of these systems is to manage with a minimum time delay (latency) while at the same time being very reliable and insensitive to interference.

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