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Future Mobility Lab presents

The event will provide an insight into our new urban test environment for connected and automated driving as well as an overview of current projects in this field of research involving various disciplines. Besides live demonstrations on the test track and interactive presentation, we would like to bring together experts from industry and academia to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

The event is of an open house style. Thus you are free to join and leave the event at any time during the opening hours given below. However, on 12 October there will be a guided tour along all showcases, starting with a keynote by Prof. Lutz Eckstein, chairman of the Future Mobility Lab.

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Visit our urban test environment for connected and automated mobility

  • Brand new research intersection with intelligent traffic lights, sensors and communication infrastructure
  • 5G Mobility Lab: the mobile communications test field by Vodafone
  • automotiveGATE: our Galileo R&D environment
  • CERMcity: our preview of our upcoming extended urban environment
  • Aldenhoven Testing Center: the interdisciplinary testing center for mobility

Experience live demonstrations on the test tracks

  • Pedestrian safety: vehicles utilize V2X information to avoid collisions between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Automated driving functions: road side units provide trajectory data for automated vehicles
  • Infrastructure-based sensor fusion: road side units collect and fuse all available information from vehicle and infrastructure sensors
  • SpeedE: our open innovation vehicle platform
  • Automated valet parking: driverless parking makes car parks more efficient
  • eNav: safety of wheelchair users is improved based on V2X information
  • Smart street lamps make interaction between vehicles and infrastructure possible

Interactive presentations

  • KoMoD: digital urban test field Düsseldorf
  • CERM:
    o Test environment for connected and automated mobility
    o Flexible IT infrastructure based on ROS
    o Results of radio communication simulations and measurements
    o Research on user interaction and acceptance
  • CiTi:
    o Traffic data server
    o Multi-scale traffic simulation tool
    o Linking real-world tests and simulation
  • I2EASE: intelligence for efficiently electrified and automated driving through sensor networking
  • PARIS: parallel implementation strategies for highly automated driving
  • CERMcity: an urban validation environment for automated driving
  • HA-N-F: highly automated user specific driving


Wed, 11.10.2017 

1.00 – 4.00 p.m. 

Driving demonstrations and interactive presentations (open house)

Thu, 12.10.2017 

10.00 a.m. 

Welcoming, networking and previewing


11.00 a.m. 

Opening keynote
Prof. Lutz Eckstein, Future Mobility Lab chairman
Further research statements


11.30 a.m. 

Guided tour with driving demonstrations and interactive presentations


1.00 p.m. 

Continuous driving demonstrations and interactive presentations (open house)


4.00 p.m. 

End of event

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Dominik Raudszus
+49 241 80 25685
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The event takes place at Aldenhoven Testing Center. Please find directions here.


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