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05/2017 Invitation to final event

AdaptIVe Final Event "Driving Automation" will take place in Aachen, Germany, on June 28-29, 2017

Join AdaptIVe for first-hand experience of automated driving on motorways, in urban scenarios and in a multi-level parking garage. Nine AdaptIVe demonstrators, including passenger cars of various classes and one truck, have been developed and tested for three and a half years. Now, the AdaptIVe partners will showcase automated driving functions on public roads and in a simulated urban environment.

The AdaptIVe functions will also be the focus of presentations during a dedicated conference. The conference will answer your questions regarding legal aspects related to automated driving, how a smooth human-machine interaction is designed, and how automated driving and the systems are evaluated.

An exhibition will showcase key results and feature break-out sessions, enabling a closer dialogue with the presenting partners, inviting you to network with high-level representatives and experts from policy, industry and research.

The event will take place here:

Hotel Pullman Aachen Quellenhof
Monheimsallee 52
52062 Aachen

Find out more at the projects website at: www.adaptive-ip.eu/index.php/final-event.html