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10/2017 Future Mobility Lab presents

Future Mobility Lab presents Aachen’s complete range of mobility research

More than 100 Experts from automotive research and development visited the Future Mobility Lab’s exhibition on October 11th and 12th 2017. FML members presented showcases of some of their various research projects in the field of automated and connected driving. The participants could not only learn more about current activities in the research projects CERM, CERMcity, CiTi, I2EASE, KoMoD and PARIS, but also used the opportunity to experience our urban test environment in Aldenhoven by visiting live demonstrations on the test track. FML researchers showed how connected safety systems are able to avoid collisions with pedestrians and crossing vehicles and how automated valet parking can contribute to make parking the car more convenient. Also, the potential of infrastructure-based sensor fusion has been demonstrated and visitors could see how vehicles on the test track interact with traffic in simulation.

Many thanks to all visitors and all FML partners, who made this event happen!

See a video of the event here.
Further information on the event can also be found in the German press release.