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Get to know latest infromation on our projects.

10/2017 Automated Valet Parking Demonstration

Researchers give insights into the current state of work of AVP development in the project KoMoD.

10/2017 Future Mobility Lab presents

Aachen’s complete range of mobility research

06/2017 KoMoD Kick-Off

The project KoMoD, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, has been kicked off.

05/2017 Invitation to final event

Europe's largest automated driving research project "AdaptIVe" invites to Final Event.

04/2017 Traffic signals available at CERM intersection

Our traffic signals have been installed and are now available for testing.

01/2017 CERM Intersection on TV

ika demonstrates a communication based intersection assistant at new CERM intersection

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11/2016 CERMcity Workshop

30 representants discussed about use cases of automated and connected cars

10/2016 Highly Dynamic Driving Simulator Opening

ika brings highly dynamic driving simulator into service

09/2016 Official Kick-Off CERMcity

Urban environments prove to be a great challenge for automated and connected driving. Therefore, RWTH Aachen University together with partners from other research institutes will erect a unique testing environment in Aldenhoven until end of 2019.

09/2016 CERM Contruction work completed

The asphalt works as well as the Integration of cable conduits for network infrastructure at the CERM intersection are now completed.

09/2015 CERM Implementation of first edge building

Massive concrete bricks are chosen in order to realistically represent the damping characteristics of real world buildings in urban traffic.